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YES! I only use my fingers...

My unique finger painting technique transforms the canvas into inspirational impressionistic/abstract images.  In the paintings, I incorporate innovative compositions; with emphasis on light and it’s changing qualities through the bold use of color.  I love to paint!  I find it is the most challenging yet relaxing thing in my life.  When I travel I paint in plein air. There is nothing better than being in that moment of creating outside the studio.  It is special because the light and color are unique for that moment. It’s a feeling of being given a gift to share a small piece of time with others.  How did I find Finger Painting?  After over 20 years of painting I found myself frustrated with my brushes while painting in Italy and discovered finger painting when I returned.  Since 2007 I have been painting with my fingers exclusively. My work has been sold or displayed in several galleries throughout the US and Europe.  See my current Calendar for where you might see me next.


I love to teach others this fun technique.  Whether it is a group of women looking for a night out, scout troups or office party I can teach you how to finger paint!  Message me for more details.


I paint many commissions.  If there is a piece you like but the wrong size or if you have a picture you would like me to translate into a wo-di (Cherokee word for paint) impression, I would be more than happy to discuss with you. 

My education includes a BFA in Visual Communications from Herron School of Art. There I studied Graphic Design, Painting and Photography. I continued working in these areas polishing my skills, techniques and teaching others. My paintings have been purchased by private collectors and corporations around the US and Europe.

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